Customer: Wayne Matchett
Service Type: Roof Replacement, Residential

When storm damage left Wayne Matchett’s house with a leak large enough to make it rain indoors, he knew they would be facing significant repairs. He tarped his roof and reached out to several roofing companies, but was met with frustration at every turn. Some roofing companies he spoke with gave him high estimates with no explanations attached, and some made appointments to do the work but never showed up. Still others said they would start the job, but couldn’t work with the insurance company.

Then Wayne discovered Momentum Roofing.


“When Terry showed up at the time he said he would, and explained everything they were going to do, I felt good about it and I knew I could trust him,” said Matchett. “He was very professional, which was comforting. He introduced himself and his crew and talked me through the whole thing before they started.” Matchett was also impressed with the timeframe in which the job was completed; most of his neighbors’ roofs had taken three days to complete, but Momentum did a full roof replacement on his home in just two days.


In the months since his roof replacement, Matchett has been impressed with the quality of his new roof. Just six weeks after the new roof was installed, a tornado hit his neighborhood. Many of his neighbors sustained significant damage to their new roofs, but though there was hail on all four sides of his house, plenty of debris in his yard and even limbs that had fallen on the roof, his roof showed no damage. “Even the color of the new roof was perfect,” Matchett continued, “because all of my neighbors had light-colored roofs, which showed a lot of soot and dirt after the tornado, but the darker color they helped my wife pick out did not show any staining.”


Matchett is pleased with the overall experience with Momentum Roofing, and he is happy to recommend Terry Harrison and his crew. “They are truly professional, and that was very important to me,” Matchett shared. Momentum Roofing provides residential roof repair and replacement for any homes in Mobile and Baldwin County. To arrange a quote for your roofing needs, contact them at 251.725.9691.

Customer: Bob Maceluch
Service Type: Roof Replacement, Residential

When it comes to roof repairs or replacements, customers have to place a great deal of trust in their roofers, so finding an affordable, dependable roofing team is very important. 


Bob Maceluch discovered Momentum roofer Terry Harrison when he was having hurricane damage repaired on several small apartments he owns.  “Terry is a very easy to talk to,” said Maceluch, “and he and his team were very quick and efficient.” In fact, Maceluch was so impressed with both the quality and the speed with which they repaired the apartment roofs that he asked them to provide a quote on replacing the roof on his own home.  Harrison did; and, by the end of week the Maceluch’s had a brand-new roof on their home as well.


What impressed Maceluch the most is that Harrison remained on-site with his crew the entire time, for both roofing jobs. “Most project managers will come and go throughout the roofing job, but Terry said he is always here for his guys the whole time,” Maceluch noted. He followed-up saying, “Having Terry there was important to me, because any time I had questions about what the workers were doing or what materials were being used, he was able to explain it to me right then and there.  He gave me confidence that everything I was concerned with was being handled to my satisfaction.”


The Maceluchs were pleased with their experience with Terry and the Momentum Roofing crew and have already recommended them to several family and friends. “The price was good, the work was good and they did it on time,” said Bob. “We were very happy with the experience and gladly recommend Terry and Momentum to others.”